This is a test WebSDR receiver,
located in 9a7aof home.

System is operated by Zlatko, 9a6agu and Darko, 9a7aof.

More information about the WebSDR project from pa3fwm can be found on

Link to new WebSDR for 20m band

Since September 2018, the Chrome browser occasionally starts to play white noise on WebSDR sites.
As a workaround, muting and unmuting usually restores normal audio.
Chromium engineers are looking into the problem.
Alternatively, use a different browser, like Firefox , Chrome Beta or Microsoft Edge.

Useful Links:
DR2W | DX Propagation
WebSDR in Kastel Gomilica, 9A1CIG (80,60 and 20m)
Voacap Prediction
VOACAP Online Coverage Maps
Magnetic storms online
Test recycled RS41 radiosonde (APRS and RTTY)
Short Wave Frequency Shedule

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